ࡱ> 8:7 bjbj )D      ;;;;;+------$nQQ;;f;;++;ˇxT 9R|0:<^LD=QQ : FEBCs Easy Giving Plan Electronic Funds Transfer Application This permission to charge my bank account is the same as if I had personally signed a check to Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). This agreement will remain in effect until: 1) I write a note or call FEBC telling them to end this agreement, and they have had a reasonable amount of time to act on it. Or, 2) FEBC or my bank sends me 10 days written notice that this agreement will end. In the event of an error, I have the right to tell my bank to reverse any transfer. However, I must tell them in writing within 15 days of the date on the bank statement or within 45 days after the transfer was made. I understand and agree that my bank is responsible for the accurate and timely posting of my transferred gifts(s). In the event of an error, I will handle this problem directly with FEBC. Please enclose a check (payable to FEBC) for your next contribution. You may alternatively send a blank voided check or a savings deposit slip to begin the FEBC Easy Giving Plan. The first automatic transfer will begin in 2 to 6 weeks. Thank you for your support of FEBC. Through your investment each month, you are helping FEBC take the good news of Jesus Christ to the world by radio. I give my bank permission to transfer the following amount from my personal account to pay FEBC each month. Name_______________________________ Address_____________________________ City________________________________ Zip ___________________ State _________ Home Phone (____) ___________________ Please use my contribution(s) for the following FEBC projects: __ General Fund (65200) $_____________ __ _________________ $_____________ __ _________________ $_____________ __ _________________ $_____________ Total monthly deduction $_____________ Bank Name___________________________ Bank Phone (____) ____________________ Make the monthly deduction from my: __ Checking account (enclose a voided check) __ Savings account (enclose a deposit slip) I prefer a monthly transfer date of: __ 5th __ 20th I have read, understand and agree with the information above. Signature____________________________ Date________________________________ Mail this form to Far East Broadcasting Company P.O. Box 5105, Chino, CA 91708 =?lm ! t v U V  [ ]   A B I J K v w ˵˵{hcL6OJQJ]^Jh *6OJQJ]^Jo(hcL6OJQJ]^Jo( hcL6OJQJ]^JnHtHh *OJQJ^Jo(hcLOJQJ^Jo(hcLOJQJ^JnHtH#hcL5CJ OJQJ\^JaJ o((hcL5CJ OJQJ\^JaJ nHtH0>?@I u v & ; \ ] J K P Q R v dh7$8$H$gdcL 7$8$H$`gd * 7$8$H$`gdcL 7$8$H$gdcL > ? 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